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    Can I file a complaint against a casino for refusing to close my account upon request?

    If you are not active for more then 3 months they will probably close your account automaticly or put it on stand by. Sometimes they wait for a year before delete. If you don't use account and don't deposit money or place bets they don't have any use for inactive account so you don't have to...
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    Funny side of sport

    It was but now is more money than fun. Also professionals will try do as less mistakes they can even some do that on purpose to get more attention. Dogs on field should not be funny since they don't have place there even they are. I like these funny sports compilations on Youtube.
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    Daily Hello/Good Night thread! ❤

    Only if his series Anger Managment stop make new episodes. He can't make two shows at same time. Not much strong games today in major leagues. It could be good day for bookies.
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    Las Vegas casinos maintains momentum in August

    Table offer grow up since this is first year after corona without any restrictions. Last year were still active some covid restrictions and people traveled less. Less travel mean lower number in Vegas and less people at tables. I guess apps online earning jump in air during corona.
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    Funny side of sport

    Sport is considered primary as fun time for the audience but for players is much more serious stuff, especially for professionals. Sometimes some reactions on fields make us more fun than just a game. Here are some examples. In Mexico dog stole a ball during football match just few minutes...
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    Daily Hello/Good Night thread! ❤

    First seasons were much better with better jokes. Now they are not funny anymore. For this weekend I am watching Girona - Real Madrid and tommorow is Croatia national league derby Hajduk Dinamo.
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    Dutch Gaming Authority penalizes Binogoal for gambling violations

    This company have more bad moves in history. Just few months ago they didn't check players age and status with official agency. It means addicts could gamble even for them is prohibited gamble anywhere. This is clear mistake by Bingol since they should renew certificate for verfication on time...
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    Lates hooligans strikes were most furios in Netherland. Game between Ajax and Feyenrood was interupted and continue few days later without fans. stoppage of the match because of hooligans hasn't happened in a very long time and this show another rise of these extreme groups.
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    Tennis players and sportbooks

    Do you know tennis players don't earn anything from sportsbooks, even though they use tennis as part of their offer? Sportbooks use tennis players names, odds, statistics, and results and earn from them, but they don't pay any fee to the ATP, WTA, or even ITF as their main tenis organization...
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    Missouri man shoots father dead and uses credit card at casino

    This will not be present as gamibling addiction or something like that even reasone for shooting can be something else. No matter what man tried later by ticket with dead man credit card. Media need more informations before attack on gambling industry.
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    Dutch Gaming Authority penalizes Binogoal for gambling violations

    Is this only their fault or advertising networks have some responsabiltiy? If they marked in ad campaing 18+ years audience, then ad network is responsbile if ads reache minor audience. Publisher can't control advertiser in technical part and be responsible for their wrong moves.
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    Why are traditional wingers going into extinction in football?

    Wingers will not extinct in football. Many coaches still use them when they need spread rival team defense and make space for middle line. People think they lost value since now they must often go in middle and not just throw in hex. First thing what will extinct will be free kick on goal.
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    Harry Kane scored a hat-trick today against Bochum

    He was great in game against Manchester United to. He assist for first goal and later scored from penalty. He is not classic stricker since often assist and pulls defenders towards him, opening up space for other attackers.
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    Best ways to win in football betting?

    Yesterday was good time for betting. Clubs less calculate when they play first round of championship league group phase. They don't risk losing points. Last round is different story if they already have enough points for second round. Yesterday main favorites won games. Manchester City, RB...
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    Daily Hello/Good Night thread! ❤

    What you will watch or what you can recomend? Last movie I watched was Armaggedon with Bruce Wills.
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    Daily Hello/Good Night thread! ❤

    Who follow Europe Championship Qualification Round? Germany looks very bad. They lost friendly game with Japan and it is bad sign for next host of tournament. After winning Brazil and taking World Cup, they didn't show much as national team.
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    Is Maguire wrongfully scapegoated or he is not good enough for Manchester United?

    I really don't know what happend with him. When he come in Manchester he was good in first season and in second his form started go down. In last two season he is making to much mistakes. Weirdest thing, in parralel time in England national team he is much better. Maybe something in club don't...
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    What is responsible for Chelsea's pull on players?

    Chelsea also have new, rich owner from United States Todd Boehly who become famous for over paying players. That means paying excessive compensation and giving better contract players. He did probably with these players so they choosed Chelsea instead of Liverpool. Liverpool also have US owners...
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    What is responsible for Chelsea's pull on players?

    Like A.I said Lond life style have affect, at least on their wifes. Wifes want nice place with a lot of fashion. Manchester and Liverpool are not towns for such events. Also there is rain much often than in London. Angle DiMaria was player for Manchester United and his wife during that time was...
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    Daily Hello/Good Night thread! ❤

    Who watch Manchester City vs Sevilla - Uefa Super Cup? Current result =-1 in 26min. Can Guardiola with Halland and most expensive defender Gvardiol turn game back on track or Rakitic will guide Sevilla to another title? If City lost game, it will be second lost cup this year.