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    What is the most valuable lesson you've learned from gambling?

    You have a rational way of thinking and making decisions. Most people that are into gambling are always a deep thinker that always love to think deep before they can take any decision in gambling.
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    What is the most important lesson you've learned from playing blackjack?

    Baccarat will teach you how to be patient. You don't need to be involving much in baccarat inorder to prevent loss. You will learn how you can easily manage all your money to avoid falling into loss in gambling.
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    What is the most important rule for a successful blackjack session?

    You can divide your bankroll for you to have the effective way of preventing loss not only in baccarat but as well in other gambling. You can as well limit your days that you will be using in betting and gambling.
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    How do you manage your bankroll when playing blackjack?

    The easiest way is to make sure that we have set budget for our gambling lifestyles. This will allow us to know the right amount to be used for gambling activity. And this can be very effective way of parenting losses.
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    How do you manage your bankroll when playing baccarat?

    There are different ways this can be done. There are many people that always manage this by setting budget for their gambling. They don't always involve in betting with more than enough money that have set for gambling.
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    What methods do you employ when you gamble?

    I don't always like using martingale strategy. This is because to me, it is very risky. It involves making use of double fund just to recoup the loss games that we have lost before. This can lead to loss of much fund.
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    Do you employ different gambling strategies ?

    Personally, I don't always employ different strategies at a time but I always ensure that I take different gambling strategies if the ones that I am using is not working. There are different strategies to be used
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    Do you try out different gambling strategies ?

    Gambling strategies can be tried as many as you have access to. You should always make sure that you are quick to change any gambling mode that is not really working for you to maximize your profit in gambling.
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    Do you copy others gambling strategies ?

    Copying is allowed in gambling. And if the strategy being used is working, there is no bad thing if you copy such a game. However, you don't need to be unnecessarily copy strategies except you know it is working for them as well.
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    Who should make sure minors are not into irresponsible betting? Government or Parents?

    Parents that refuse to teach their wards the importance of responsible gambling should be dealt with by the government. There should be fine for the parents that do not really let the children know about it
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    Which aspect of gambling should government focus on to prevent irresponsible gambling?

    There is no gainsaying that gambling has become part and parcel of most society. The worst thing is that the minors are involving in it. Though there are many institutions that have fought against the involvement of the monor against gambling including the government. Which aspect of government...
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    What are the most common mental health issues associated with gambling?

    Depression is very common to those that always abuse gambling. They are always emotional stress which often.l result to depression if the care is not taken on time. That's why we need to becareful of abusing gambling.
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    What potential health risks are associated with excessive or problematic gambling?

    It can lead to mental instability. There are many people that are not normal again mentally as a result of frequent abuse of betting and gambling. Some are now psychologically disturbed because they do abuse gambling.
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    Can responsible gambling practices positively impact physical health as well?

    To some greater extent, responsible gambling can be of help to the people's health. Most of the time, people that are gambling always have mental and heart attack because of the anxiety that always come with gambling.
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    How does responsible gambling contribute to mental and emotional well-being?

    People who are responsible with gambling will not be tasking their brain too much when it comes to being responsible with gambling. They will only involve in gambling when there is need to do so and not always.
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    How does responsible gambling relate to personal well-being?

    It is always better to learn how to be responsible with gambling. This will make us to be very efficient and be morally upright in the society. We won't be too wasteful as those that are not responsible always do with gambling.
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    How does alcohol consumption relate to responsible gambling?

    People who abuse alcohol may not be responsible with gambling. That's why it is always better not to be too addicted to gambling. We need to make sure we analyse games when we are not under the influence of alcohol.
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    Why is it recommended to avoid excessive alcohol consumption while gambling?

    Alcohol can impair reasoning. There are some people that are not able to think well after taking alcohol. They always select wrong games and may not even analyse well as a result of the influence of the alcohol.
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    What are some dangers of spending excessive time gambling?

    There should be regulation on time that we plan to be spending on gambling. This will make us not to fall victims of addiction. Aside this, we may not be losing much money to gambling as we may do if we gamble frequently.
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    What possible diverse range of negative consequences can gambing addiction lead to ?

    There are many people that have suffered mental health just because of gambling addiction. That is why we don't need to be too attached to gambling as it may cause a serious damage to us as individuals.