AA in hand what is the best strategy to proceed?


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Holding pocket aces in poker is a fortunate position, though not assured victory. With the best starting hand, the optimal strategy is aggressive yet calculated.

Betting modestly on the flop continues generating action while cautiously allowing weaker hands to fold. When the turn and river enhance no jaw-dropping pot odds, further investing ensures only superior hands remain to vie against aces.

Each street leaders must weigh odds of improved drawing hands vs. pat hands now defending. Every chip put in the pot slightly increases the possibility of a monster hand nudging out aces at showdown. However, timid betting forfeits chances to win a bigger pot and weakens the stance of strength.

maximum value from ace-ace derives from generating fear into opponents' minds that they will need an epic draw to outplay. With money in the pot, one maneuvers each river card to increase the likelihood of being called only by a rival hand now crushed. That is the art of playing aces to touch ultimate triumph and claim the biggest prize.


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Pre-flop raises with pocket aces are almost always recommended. The objective is to reduce the number of players, take advantage of the weaker hands, and increase the pot for future streets. To deter speculative hands from calling, your raise should be larger than the typical open raise.