Could this massive matchup between the German giants generate over 2.5 goals?



Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund's Der Klassiker matches rarely fail to excite fans, and the last seven encounters between the two footballing behemoths have resulted in an average of nearly five goals overall. In every one of those incident-filled games, both teams scored, and the over 2.5 goal line was crossed. With so much riding on Saturday's results, I anticipate seeing more blood, thunder, and net-shredding action once more, especially given the caliber of the game-changers possibly on display.
It can for sure. Both teams, especially Borussia like play offensive. Tuchel will have spicy deby on Allianz Arena. He must show what he can do in short time. Mane is back. All Germany nationality players had rest since Germany didn't play in Qualifications for Euro. Germany is host land.This will also good preparations for Bayern and it Championship Game against Manchester City. Betfury over only 1.35 odds for over 2.5 goals. Maybe better play over 1.5 in first halftime.
Your analysis was spot on, as the game ended up being a goal-fest by all accounts. The Bayern Munich did well to win his first match in such an important game for the title race as well, to be quite honest.