Victoria Gambling and Casino Control Commission urges operators to stop incentives

In response to club sponsorships, the Victoria Gambling and Casino Control Commission has issued a statement demanding that operators end problematic incentives.

This is due to the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering, which is Australian national policy, which forbids operators from providing any financial incentives or offers that would persuade customers to establish accounts.

These monetary inducements may take the shape of credits, gift cards, promotions, or other goodies given to players as welcome bonuses.

The VGCCC has learned that certain sports organizations have permitted online bookmakers to link financial incentives to new club members.


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This new guidance seems reasonable. While operators want to attract customers, certain incentives could potentially exploit those who are vulnerable to gambling harm. It's good to see regulators trying to establish clear boundaries that balance business interests and consumer protection.


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When it comes to promoting responsible gambling, it is important for operators to avoid creating incentives that could lead individuals into unhealthy gambling habits. This aligns with the principles of responsible gambling.