What are the pros and cons of betting on fewer numbers?



Betting on fewer numbers is a strategy I often employ while playing Roulette. By focusing on say 1 to 5 numbers, you are more likely to hit a win with a decent payout. However, the flip side is your chance of winning on a single spin reduces quite a bit and you will likely have to place more bets before hitting a win. So in summary, focusing on fewer numbers potentially gives higher payouts per win but at the cost of win frequency and more bets required to break even. What do you think? Are there any other pros or cons I missed?
While you might occasionally succeed in the short term and win, over the long term, the odds will catch up with you and the house edge will probably lead to net losses. Your betting options and methods may be restricted if you wager on fewer numbers.
I believe Betting on fewer numbers may also mean that you lose money more quickly, as you are placing fewer bets overall. Also If you are relying solely on luck and not using any kind of strategy, you may end up losing more money in the long run by betting on fewer numbers.
Betting on fewer numbers can streamline the decision-making process because there are fewer factors to take into account, which facilitates participation and understanding for inexperienced bettors. Losing is less likely when there are fewer numbers in play.