Is lottery tax-free in Canada?


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I have a friend who is traveling to Canada and is an avid game player. One day he was asking if I can help him to get information on the taxation of lottery winnings in Canada but I don't know where to check for him.

The question I want to ask you guys is that Is lottery tax-free in Canada? I'll be glad if you guys can give answer to this question looking forward to your answers in the comment section below.
In the developed countries, the winnings on lottery attract some level of tax percentage because they believe that you will need to pay tax when you receive certain amount of winnings from the lottery.
In Canada, the lottery is considered to be a form of gambling, and as such, any winnings from the lottery are subject to taxation. Generally, the tax rate for lottery winnings in Canada ranges from 10% to 30%
Lotteries are considered tax free only in UK as per my knowledge and that is why any player who plays a lottery in any part of world have to pay the taxes on the winning this is very much the basic rule around the world